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Clearstory – Announcing the 2014 Holiday Stationery Lines

Clearstory is pleased to remind our wholesale partners about the 2014 Holiday Stationery Products.  We have three brand new lines:

Coastal Impressions Holiday line is our best selling line and features a stylish holiday palette and new designs.  The palette is 3 colors of Sea Glass, Sea Mist, and Sea Sky.  The designs stay in the west coast theme and range from Shell Tree, Sea Star Wreath, Sand Dollar, etc.   Come see the show.

Clearstory, Coastal Impressions Holiday, Stationery 


Clearstory, Coastal Impressions, Stationery







Next is our brave new Navidad Holiday line.  This line features delicate and intricate designs that we call Fiesta paired with bold colors such as Habanero, Mar Green, Red Hot and Spruce.  Also, with the same color palette are additional lines that we call folk.  Take a closer look.

Clearstory, Holiday Fun, Stationery

Clearstory, Navidad, Stationery








And don’t forget Holiday Fun, because we  all like fun.  You’ll find Santa with a ho ho ho, Striped bulbs, boxes folded and bright.  You’ll find Birdies, Stockings and Silver Delights.  Oh, and much Comfort and Joy.  Happy Holidays.

Clearstory, Holiday Fun, Stationery

Clearstory, Holiday Fun, Stationery